Waste Water

Waste Water Solutions Belize

Over 80 installations up and fully supported!

We are the most-experienced, and largest waste water solution provider in the region. With years of experience behind us, we deeply understand the conditions required for the successful selection and installation of the equipment needed to stay:

  • Trouble-free
  • Odor-free
  • Eco-friendly
  • Sanitary

The folks at Eco Friendly Solutions are leaders in the design and implementation of one of the most important components to a successful waste treatment system: the garden, or “leech field”. This segment of a given system is the final cleanup stage. The art of creating a successful field should not be left to beginners, given the complicated dynamics and ratios involved. We are clearly the most experienced technicians in the region with respect to proper integration between hardware and leech field.

We have chosen to be a proud dealers of what we have learned to be the finest  and most-advanced equipment in waste water solutions made by Clarus Environmental. We have have good knowledge and positive experiences with these products, and sell/install any products available by them…including the Fusion Treatment System that’s cleaning technology is widely respected in the industry.

Download our Waste Water Information sheet (1mb PDF) to gain a better understanding on how we can help you.