We’re better with products that are better for the environment.

At Eco Friendly Solutions, we provide turnkey solutions to the challenges found in cleaner and greener operations from the largest commercial facility to the smallest cabin. More so than merely selling product, we provide the needed expertise to make the sensitive products in this field harmonize well and function for the long term. With our speedy support, you buy peace of mind.

They fall under four (4) primary categories:

1. We Consult, Sell And Install Potable Water Solutions

potable-water-exampleSystems, not just single components, work best. As premium providers, we prefer to provide consultation based on a verbal or physical assessment of your current conditions and goals. Establishing proper trouble-free potable water solutions that is healthy, good-tasting and long-term is a sophisticated, multidimensional undertaking that takes years of experience, focus, quality products (and the understanding of them) and keen problem-solving skills. Potable water products are often dependent nodes in a relative system, so installing just one component that promises results often makes that product seem poor. We find tailoring the system to exact conditions and needs is the most trouble-free approach to this field. Potable water approaches fall under these approaches:

  • Package systems
  • Custom-designed systems
  • We can sell a given product, if we all agree that it will work for you.

2. We Consult, Sell and Install Waste Water Solutions

waste-water-exampleLike potable water, waste water treatment is a sensitive system with many relative components that are responsive to the conditions it is installed in. An profound understanding about the dynamics of waste water treatment is of utmost importance in order to ensure safe, odor-free, trouble-free and healthy results. At Eco Friendly Solutions, we are regional leaders in ensuring that homes and business keep sanitary with respect to waste water solutions. Waste water treatment approaches fall under these approaches:

  • Package systems
  • Custom-designed systems
  • We can sell a given product, if we all agree that it will work for you.

3. We Sell Non-Toxic Everyday Cleaners

cleaners-exampleWith many customers utilizing our “bio-reacting” waste water systems, providing cleaning products that would not damage the living system was in our interest. From there, we’ve expanded into a product line of cleaners that covers the whole home or business. Eco Friendly Solutions is a turnkey provider of everything needed to clean your place, while staying green.

4. We Sell Biodegradable Disposables

The flatware we sell is biodegradable within months. We believe in a clean future for the earth, so as a service to our customer base we provide the sales of forks, spoons, knives, bowls, plates, trays, garbage bags and the like. Made from corn starch , these products are durable and convey a premium appearance and are available at a good price. When it comes to disposable consumables for events or establishments, Eco Friendly Solutions is the one-stop provider of all that is needed to supply your needs, while staying friendly to the environment.

As the region’s eco-friendly handlers of almost every consumable that flows through your house or enterprise in order to keep the operations running, we warmly compel you to turn to us as your guide to going greener.