marcoDigging500x471We are better with the products that are better for the environment. We are more than just an outfitter of green products and systems, we are proven experts with a the largest track record of success in the field. From small household needs to large industrial applications, we leverage years of expertise when offering solutions with:

  • Water Purification Solutions: We feature desalination, filtration, alkaline & reverse osmosis systems and how to use them.
  • Waste Water Processes: We have countless successes with the installation of bio reactor septic systems, leach fields, aeration and supporting lift stations.
  • Water Capture, Pumping & Storage: As Belize’s leading water handlers we of course have the proper products and methods for management in place.
  • Cleaning & Treatment Products: Turn to us for non-toxic, healthy products for all household, office and commercial applications. This includes products for potable water treatment, hair shampoos, soaps, household cleaners, septic treatment, wood polish and more!
  • Biodegradable Disposables: We provide an earth-friendly array of organically-based products such as flatware, cups, plates and waste bags that break down in nature.
  • Energy-Efficient Construction Products: We have roofing and wall products that insulate very well and speed up the construction process significantly. Save money in heating/cooling and construction labor.

…we are Eco Friendly Solutions, LTD, Belize’s top experts and sources for all of the above.

Phone: +(501) 672-7718