Live Cleaner & Greener

1. Water Purification Solutions

Drink clean water. Wherever your water source, EFS can ensure that you get it clean and healthy into your system. As the region’s leading experts in desalinization, reverse osmosis, rainwater harvesting, UV/ceramic/carbon filtration, water softening and more; we will assess your situation and provide a turnkey, long-term and stable solution.

2. Waste Water Processing Solutions

Expend clean water. From big industrial applications to small household systems, EFS will design, curate and install a system that makes certain that the water you return to the environment is safe and odor free. We support our work so you can be rest assured that your environment will be sanitary and beautiful.

3. Cleaning & Treatment Solutions

Clean greener. From hair shampoos to industrial cleansers to septic treatment, we provide the eco-friendly cleaning products that are friendly to you, your waste-water systems – and the earth.

4. Water Capture, Pumping & Storage

Handle water wisely. We have the methods and the products to provide you long-term, trouble-free systems for handling your water harvesting and management needs.

5. Biodegradable Disposables

Support biodegradables. Cups, flatware and garbage bags for example, we offer products that decompose quickly and naturally; and keep our landfills from overfilling. Know that your trash isn’t so trashy from  your restaurant or house party.

6 Energy-Efficient Construction Products

Build to save energy. Our roofing and wall panel systems repel the suns radiant heat to you don’t have to work as hard to keep it cool. Our wall panel systems erect much faster than convention too, so you’ll save time and energy in labor too!


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